4. Workshop: Inspirational Journeys – Challenges and Solutions for Visual Navigation of Library Resources. Sted: Georg Sverdrups hus, Undervisningsrom 2

Sted: Georg Sverdrups hus, 3. etasje, Undervisningsrom 2 (rom 3512)

Hugo Christian Huurdeman, Universitetet i Oslo
Dan Michael Heggø, Universitetet i Oslo

Tidsramme: 90 minutter

Presentasjon fra workshopen
Presentasjon av Mike Nutt og Walt Gurley, NC State University Libraries

The pre-digital library room gave the user an immediate experience of library materials and services. One walked along the shelves and encountered knowledge in the physical library space. Often, one would discover surprising and interesting content on the way to something completely different. Current library catalogs, on the other hand, predominantly focus on offering textual searches for library materials, and do not provide the same ‘serendipitous’ experience. Hence, there is an urgent need to rethink access to library materials in an increasingly digital environment.

The objective of this workshop is to foster interactive discussions about how users can explore and interact with library materials. Using concrete examples, we discuss challenges and solutions for visual navigation of library content. The workshop consists of plenary presentations, opportunities for questions and discussions, as well as a “hands-on” approach embodied in the opportunity to try out newly developed visual navigation tools. We aim to stimulate vivid discussions between workshop participants, organizers and our invited speaker, leading to new insights, and to build up a community in Norway around the workshop theme.

The workshop consists of two main parts. During the first part, a brief summary of the progress and outcomes of the Visual Navigation Project is presented. The Visual Navigation Project [1] is a project at the University of Oslo Library focused on rethinking library users’ access to knowledge in a digital world. Next, a “hands-on” session allows participants to try out the prototypes resulting from the first year of the project. During this session, attendees can provide comments and write feedback notes, subsequently discussed in a plenary setting.

The second part of this workshop features an ‘intervention’, during which an outside expert on library search and visualization will present. We have invited a representative from NCSU Libraries in the United States, one of the most forward-thinking libraries in the world. This invited speaker will present his views on innovative use of library services, and will briefly provide feedback on the project outcomes so far. This is followed by further discussions, with the aim of generating ideas on future avenues, not just for the Visual Navigation Project, but for innovative library services in general.

The workshop is organized by the Visual Navigation Project. This two-year project, co-funded with the National Library of Norway, aims to enhance the opportunities for users to visually explore library collections, and to inspire users in their information journeys. The first year of the project focused on three project streams, related to visual navigation of library materials, the embedding of digital tools in physical environments and the enhancement of existing library infrastructure for subject vocabularies and classifications. This culminated in a set of prototype tools, allowing for visual exploration of the University of Oslo’s library collections.

[1] http://www.ub.uio.no/om/prosjekter/the-visualisation-project/

Workshop Schedule

Part 1: Outcomes of the Visual Navigation Project (45 minutes)

  • Welcome (3 minutes)
  • Intro to workshop, aims, objectives (2 minutes)
  • Presentation of Visual Navigation first year project outcomes, followed by an opportunity to ask questions (25 minutes)

In the room, demos are set-up of the various prototypes created in the Visual Navigation project, in different stands. Workshop participants can move around, discuss, write down comments and ideas on post-its with different colors. This is followed by a short plenary discussion of provided feedback (15 minutes).

Part 2: The Way Forward – Towards Novel Digital Library Services (45 minutes) “Intervention” by an invited speaker from NCSU Libraries, USA, presenting their library, their work related to visualization, and providing brief feedback on the outcomes of the Visual Navigation Project’s first year (30 minutes)

“The way forward – future avenues for library services”. Plenary discussion (10 minutes). Wrap-up and conclusion (5 minutes)

Authors: HUURDEMAN, Hugo Christian (University of Oslo, Science Library); MJELDE, Helge  (University  of  Oslo,  Medical  Library);   RASMUSSEN,  Live  (University  of  Oslo,  Science  Li- brary);  RUSTAD, Brit Heidi (University of Oslo, Science Library);  LÅBERG, Kyrre Traavik (University of Oslo, Science Library);  HEGGØ, Dan Michael O. (University of Oslo, Science Library);  AAMODT, Mikaela (University of Oslo, Medical Library)