Welcome to VIRAK 2019 in Stavanger!

Practical information
Virak 2019 is organized by the libraries at UiS and UiA. The topic for Virak 2019 is “Open future – possibilities for the libraries”.  The conference takes place at the University of Stavanger 13th and 14th of June. It will be on campus Ullandhaug, overlooking Hafrsfjord where Harald Fairhair [Harald Hårfagre] swung his sword and gathered Norway into one kingdom in 872. At Ullandhaug you will also find our main library, and we hope you will take a look at Norway’s first university library to be open all hours.

To find your way at the University of Stavanger we recommend using Mazemap, our interactive campus map. It will show you the locations of the rooms used during the conference.

University of Stavanger. Photo: UiS


Welcome to Stavanger!
Many of you may know Stavanger as Europe’s oil and energy capital. Stavanger also offers an urban and exciting city environment with many cultural attractions, shopping and good restaurants. Additionally, the region has many natural attractions, such as the Sola beach, the Lysefjord and the Pulpit Rock. Information about the Stavanger area.

Campus Ullandhaug is located approx. five km outside of Stavanger city center. There are a number of buses going from the Byterminal in city centre to the university. We recommend www.kolumbus.no for information about timetables in the Stavanger area. The easiest way to buy bus tickets is to use the Kolumbus app.

If you have signed the free bus after the conference to the center day 1 (at 4.15 pm) and to the airport day 2 (at 4 pm), you will find the bus at Kjølv Egelandshus, Entrance West.

Stavanger Airport (Sola)
The easiest way to get from the airport to the university is using the airport bus. Information about the airport bus and departure times.

You can order a taxi from Stavanger Taxi, phone: +47 51 90 90 90.
You can ask for a taxi to “UiS, Kjølv Egelands hus, Entrance West, Kristine Bonnevies vei” or to the central taxi stop at Arne Rettedals hus. Ask the staff in orange t shirts for the direction.

Festive dinner: Flor & Fjære
Do not miss the festive dinner on the 13th of June! We finish day 1 of the conference with a visit to Flor & Fjære. A pleasant 20 minute boat trip from Strandkaien in Stavanger takes us to the unique flower gardens of the small family-owned island. There will be a guided tour outside in the flower gardens before we get a delicious dinner consisting of a fresh buffet with inspiration from all over the world. We hope you have the opportunity to take part in this unique experience!

The boat to Flor & Fjære departs from Strandkaien in Stavanger at 18. The boat returns at 22.30 from Flor & Fjære and will be back in town at 23.

Outfits: Practical. Please, check out the weather forecast.

Conference hotels
Thon Hotel Maritim and Comfort Hotel Stavanger are conference hotels for VIRAK. They are both located in the center of Stavanger city, and have a short distance to the bus stop to UiS and to Strandkaien, where the boat for Flor & Fjære has departure and arrival.

Wireless network
Wireless network: uis-gjestenett
User name: ub-virak2019
Password: 9195

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Contact us at kontakt@virak-konferansen.no.